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Transactional SMS Service

Transactional SMS is a mode of communication that sends SMS from a business, providing valuable information regarding their products and services to the customers. This kind of content is strictly informative not promotional. The sole idea of sending Transactional SMS is to build relations with the customer rather than a barter relationship like most enterprises do!

Major e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and many more have believed in the notion of building a relationship with customers and have been practicing this concept for ages.

A commercial medium of communication practiced by several non-commercial organizations like hospitals, banks, universities, financial organizations and many more.

Pristine features of Transactional SMS

  • A handy tool for alerts: As the bulk SMS is delivered at lightning speed, this acts as a major tool for sending alerts by government organizations in case of natural calamities, sent by banks if there’s an unconventional use of ATM cards or untimely withdrawal of cash. It’s an instant service, absolutely fool-proof too.
  • Access all-round the day: This form of Transactional SMS can be sent day-in and day-out. The gateway of a transactional SMS remains open all throughout the day. Hence, it allows a sender to send an SMS anywhere with absolutely no restriction in terms of time. The SMS surely gets delivered even if the mobile is switched off.
  • Lightning delivery: This can be touted as the prime features of Transactional SMS that have made it immensely popular among businessmen. All the Transactional SMS are sent within the 0-3sec duration.
  • Quick reach to DND listed customers: While promotional SMS has a hard time reaching DND listed customers but Transactional reaches DND listed customers in a jiffy!
  • Extremely pocket-friendly: The revenue generated through Transactional SMS is a lot more than that of the few rupees spent!

Advanced technology leads to better returns as well as a better relationship. Being highly economical with a whole patch of features the Transactional SMS is a definite hit with entrepreneurs as well as with large enterprises.


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